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Workers' Compensation

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation?

The purpose of the workers’ compensation system is to allow both employers and employees to quickly settle claims related to work-related injuries and avoid a lengthy court process. Many workers in Wisconsin who become injured in connection with their jobs are eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits. However, just because you sustain an injury on the […]
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Refinery Explosion

Superior Refinery Explosion Caused by Crude Oil Distillation Process

https://youtu.be/3RFDKpwdbEA An explosion last spring at the Husky Energy refinery in Superior, Wisconsin occurred in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit, federal investigators have determined. The determination confirms what we reported in May on our Wisconsin work injury blog after the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board reported the explosion occurred during a process that heats […]
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What are some statistics of scaffold injuries?

Wisconsin construction workers like you often put yourself at risk just to do your job. Between the heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and high scaffolding, the potential for accidents could lurk around any corner. According to FindLaw, up to 65 percent of all construction employees are estimated to work on scaffolding with relatively high frequency. Because of that, […]
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Common Causes of Wisconsin Work Accidents

Being injured on the job can significantly impact your ability to work, earn a living, and enjoy life. Each year Wisconsin processes about 22,000 workers’ compensation claims, totaling more than $200 million, according to the state Department of Workforce Development. The average claim is about $10,000. A look at a year’s worth of statistics illustrates the most […]
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What can workers’ compensation cover?

As a worker in Wisconsin, your job and environment have a heavy impact on your health. Sometimes, incidents at your workplace or the overall environment or means of your job may cause you to suffer from injury or illness. Lein Law Offices, attorneys at law, are here to help. Two of the primary types of workers’ […]
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Wisconsin Manufacturing Work Injury Reduction Top Priority

Work injury attorneys in Hayward understand manufacturing industries are increasingly investing heavily in Wisconsin and other regions of the Midwest. This is particularly true in rural areas, with companies promising better pay, skilled labor opportunities, more updated facilities and incentives to keep graying workforces from retiring. Foxconn recently announced its plan to invest $10 billion […]
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