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Workers Memorial Day honors those affected in workplace accidents

Work Accident

Not every job is inherently dangerous, as we at the Lein Law Offices understand. Anyone can be injured or suffer a job-related illness, regardless of where they work. Therefore, thousands of people every year are killed in work-related accidents, and millions more are injured or become ill on the job. You and other Wisconsin residents may be interested in learning about the upcoming Workers Memorial Day.

Chances are that you hold a job or someone close to you works, which means that workplace accidents can affect everyone across the country. On April 28, safety advocates and government agencies will honor the lives lost and people affected from work-related accidents and illnesses. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization explains that Workers Memorial Day serves to educate the public about the ongoing issue of workplace safety, as well as to fight for better safety standards and to hold negligent companies accountable for failing to meet standards, which continually results in tragic workplace accidents.

Safety advocates have made great advances in promoting workplace safety and enforcing rules to keep you and others safe on the job. However, as the statistics show, there is still much to be done to prevent companies from cutting corners or failing to provide employees with adequate training and safety equipment to avoid accidents. As our workers’ compensation page explains, jobsite accidents and illnesses can occur in all industries. Affected workers and their families may be entitled to seek compensation, but experienced counsel is often necessary.


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