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What are the risk factors for PTSD?

A workplace accident in Wisconsin that poses a genuine threat of death or grievous bodily harm can result in post-traumatic stress disorder. However, you can also develop PTSD from multiple traumatic experiences that happen over time. Therefore, people in certain professions, such as law enforcement or emergency health care, may be at greater risk of developing […]
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Bite Injury

Treating bite injuries in the aftermath of an attack

When any animal attacks, the bite injuries left behind can have potentially long-lasting consequences. Wisconsin residents who become involved in such attacks may have to deal with painful and extensive recovery periods that leave them emotionally, physically and financially drained. Mayo Clinic states that animal bites should be treated seriously and quickly due to the threat […]
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Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Safe Holiday Travel Tips for Wisconsin Motorists

All of us at Lein Law Offices wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a safe and enjoyable start to the holiday season. Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports peak travel period will be between noon and 8 p.m. on Friday and Sunday following Thursday’s Thanksgiving gatherings. Ideally, you should plan to travel outside peak times. Motorists should also be […]
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Your Bankruptcy or Your Wedding?

Which should come first – your bankruptcy or your wedding?

What’s the real answer to what should come first. Your Bankruptcy or Your Wedding? You’re seriously in debt and considering bankruptcy. However, you’re also engaged to be married. The key question is whether you should file for bankruptcy before or after your wedding. The related questions are whether your marriage will impact your bankruptcy and […]
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Foreclosed home

Be Careful How You Leave a Foreclosed Home

If you are being foreclosed on. Be careful how you leave a foreclosed home. Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy can help people keep their homes. However, perhaps you can’t or choose not to save your home from foreclosure. Maybe the foreclosure is a done deal when you begin looking seriously at bankruptcy and all that’s left to do […]
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