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Bite Injury

Treating bite injuries in the aftermath of an attack

When any animal attacks, the bite injuries left behind can have potentially long-lasting consequences. Wisconsin residents who become involved in such attacks may have to deal with painful and extensive recovery periods that leave them emotionally, physically and financially drained. Mayo Clinic states that animal bites should be treated seriously and quickly due to the threat […]
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Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Safe Holiday Travel Tips for Wisconsin Motorists

All of us at Lein Law Offices wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a safe and enjoyable start to the holiday season. Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports peak travel period will be between noon and 8 p.m. on Friday and Sunday following Thursday’s Thanksgiving gatherings. Ideally, you should plan to travel outside peak times. Motorists should also be […]
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Truck Driver

Relaxing trucker drive-time rules a threat to public safety

Commercial trucks often substantially outweigh smaller, non-commercial vehicles, and because they are so heavy and massive, they pose more of a threat to Wisconsin motorists than the average car or truck. At Lein Law Offices, we understand that trucker drive-time rules exist to protect motorists from truckers who may operate their tractor-trailers while drowsy or fatigued, […]
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What is osteoporosis?

When people in Wisconsin talk about slip-and-fall accidents, osteoporosis is often part of the conversation. Though osteoporosis is not a cause of accidents or falls, it may make the effects of a fall worse if you have it, resulting in fractures and other serious injuries that may not have occurred in the absence of the […]
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Lessons from Wisconsin Highway Pileup

A 131-vehicle pileup on Interstate 41 near Neenah is being called the worst in state history. An Oshkosh man, who was a science teacher for the Iola-Scandinavia School District, was killed and more than 70 people were left injured in whiteout highway conditions on the highway, causing many hurt or panic-stricken motorists to call 911, Madison.com reported. […]
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Wisconsin Road

Safer Drivers in 2019 can Reduce Wisconsin Road Risks

A deadly start to the year has safety advocates urging caution as we head into the brunt of Wisconsin’s winter driving season. As we reported recently, Wisconsin winter risks require drivers to use extra caution on the roads. It’s not just the winter weather – our car accident lawyers in Hayward know wet, slippery roads and reduced […]
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