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Treating bite injuries in the aftermath of an attack

Bite Injury

When any animal attacks, the bite injuries left behind can have potentially long-lasting consequences. Wisconsin residents who become involved in such attacks may have to deal with painful and extensive recovery periods that leave them emotionally, physically and financially drained.

Mayo Clinic states that animal bites should be treated seriously and quickly due to the threat of infection that they pose. While cat bites are actually typically more likely to become infected than dog bites, a dog bite can still have a serious impact. Canine teeth can get deep below the skin, injecting bacteria into the tissue. If this gets into the fat or even bone, it can cause deep rooted infections that are hard to treat. Some severe cases even result in gangrene or sepsis, which can both be fatal.

FindLaw also encourages seeking compensation for the damages brought about by a bite injury. This is because bite injuries can be more costly than a person initially thinks. First, they are going to be handling immediate expenses related to hospital treatment like stitches, antibiotics, and so on. Then, they may have to go through extensive medical treatment. Some severe bites result in a victim needing skin grafts. Infections can take a long time to combat. A victim may need physical therapy. They may also need mental therapy to recover from the emotional damage of the attack.

Because of these various expenses and how long they can potentially last, compensation can be crucial. Those intending to pursue it may want to consider speaking to an attorney for more information.


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