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Your Bankruptcy or Your Wedding?

Which should come first – your bankruptcy or your wedding?

What’s the real answer to what should come first. Your Bankruptcy or Your Wedding? You’re seriously in debt and considering bankruptcy. However, you’re also engaged to be married. The key question is whether you should file for bankruptcy before or after your wedding. The related questions are whether your marriage will impact your bankruptcy and […]
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Foreclosed home

Be Careful How You Leave a Foreclosed Home

If you are being foreclosed on. Be careful how you leave a foreclosed home. Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy can help people keep their homes. However, perhaps you can’t or choose not to save your home from foreclosure. Maybe the foreclosure is a done deal when you begin looking seriously at bankruptcy and all that’s left to do […]
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The Pros and Cons of Chapter 7

What are the pros and cons of Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin has some benefits and some downfalls. If you are having financial difficulties in Wisconsin, it is a good idea to consider all your debt-relief options, including bankruptcy, to decide on the course of action that will best serve your situation. Depending on your income and overall financial situation, […]
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Unfair Collections Practices

What are unfair collection practices?

Life can be stressful when money that you owe goes to collections. You may be contending with phone calls and letters from debt collectors. Sometimes collectors can go to extreme measures to attempt to collect a debt. There is almost nothing more annoying than being woken up early in the morning by a creditor calling […]
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Fatal Milwaukee Elevator Fall Illustrates Construction Injury Risks

A tragic demolition incident in Milwaukee illustrates the confluence of risk factors that make construction among the nation’s most dangerous occupations. FOX6 News reports the man was driving a forklift when it fell seven stories down an elevator shaft. The historic building is undergoing renovations for use as a storage facility, according to media reports . Our […]
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Payday Loans

Is it safe to take out a payday loan?

Wisconsin residents who need cash immediately or are recovering from a personal bankruptcy may worry that their borrowing options are limited. It can be tempting to listen to the promises made by payday lenders, which are often targeted toward those who just had a bankruptcy discharge or are struggling financially. You may benefit from understanding […]
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How can you keep yourself out of debt?

Across Wisconsin, residents just like you consider filing for bankruptcy every year. In these trying economic times, it’s not difficult for people to get in over their heads, especially with medical debts being such an epidemic problem recently. After you get back on your feet, one of the things you will want to focus on […]
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The Chapter 7 means test explained

Struggles with debt is a more common problem in Hayward than many may think. It may be relatively easy to fall into a situation (either through the loss of a job, a severe injury or illness, or other scenarios both in and out of one’s control) where debt difficulties become very real; conversely, it can […]
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Fighting back against the stigma of bankruptcy

At the Lein Law Offices, we know that Wisconsin residents often find themselves in dire financial situations from which they feel there is no escape. We also know that people can feel guilty or ashamed at the thought of resorting to bankruptcy to ease their financial burdens. If you are worried that you might be taking […]
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