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What are the risk factors for PTSD?

A workplace accident in Wisconsin that poses a genuine threat of death or grievous bodily harm can result in post-traumatic stress disorder. However, you can also develop PTSD from multiple traumatic experiences that happen over time. Therefore, people in certain professions, such as law enforcement or emergency health care, may be at greater risk of developing […]
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Overexertion Lifitng

How can you avoid overexertion while lifting?

Laborers in Wisconsin may be at risk of overexertion injuries from lifting heavy objects. If you find yourself doing a lot of lifting as part of your job, it is important for you to learn proper lifting techniques, as well as behaviors to avoid, in the interest of preventing injury. According to Princeton University, you […]
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Muscle Strain

What is a muscle strain?

Muscle strains are among the most common workplace injuries that you may sustain in Wisconsin. According to the Mayo Clinic, muscle strains occur when a muscle or tendon becomes stretched too far while in use. If you do not recognize the phrase “muscle strain,” you may be more familiar with the term “pulled muscle,” which describes the same condition. […]
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Fatal Milwaukee Elevator Fall Illustrates Construction Injury Risks

A tragic demolition incident in Milwaukee illustrates the confluence of risk factors that make construction among the nation’s most dangerous occupations. FOX6 News reports the man was driving a forklift when it fell seven stories down an elevator shaft. The historic building is undergoing renovations for use as a storage facility, according to media reports . Our […]
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What is a strain or sprain injury?

There are many kinds of injuries you might incur if you have an accident at work in Wisconsin. If you fall or lift heavy objects, you might find yourself with a strain or a sprain. These injuries are similar but there are a few key differences you should know about. Strains and sprains are similar […]
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