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Verdicts And Settlements

We fight diligently for our clients in personal injury, workers' compensation, social security disability, and bankruptcy.

Founded in 1983, Lein Law Offices has since amassed an impressive record of favorable outcomes for clients throughout Wisconsin. The list below highlights some of our past successes. However, keep in mind that past results are not a promise of future success. Each case is fact specific and the outcome is determined by any number of factors.


Personal Injury

$675,000 for auto accident resulting in death

$19,000 for auto accident resulting in neck and back injury as well as emotional trauma

$50,000 for auto accident resulting in cervical strain, neck injury

$57,000 for auto accident resulting in facial lacerations, scarring, and memory loss

$115,000 for auto accident resulting in muscle pain in neck, shoulders, lower back and severe headaches

$119,000 for auto accident resulting in left shoulder injury and neck pain

$25,000 for dog bite to lower leg, which developed infection and permanent scarring

Social Security Awards

$41,000 for neck, shoulders and headaches

$19,200 for sleep apnea, obesity, mental distress

$20,309 for lower back pain with radiation into legs

$24,000 for mental impairments, post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety

$22,266 for degenerative disc disease (back)

$7,126 for level III post lumbar fusion

Workers' Compensation

$78,000 for occupational exposure, injury to lungs

$56,000 for auto accident at work, injury to neck, ear, permanent hearing damage

$131,000 for occupational exposure, injury to cervical neck, arm, and mental stress

$97,000 for being struck by tree, injury to cervical neck

$66,000 for employee who was assisting a patient who fell, and suffered injury to shoulder

$42,000 for falling off of roof, injury to ankles and heels


$90,000 wiped away for a combination of medical bills

$150,000 in equity saved for married couple

$100,000 cleared for personal liability in negligence case

$80,000 in general consumer credit card debt removed