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Can work injuries prevent you from working again?

Like thousands of other employees in Wisconsin, you are out facing the daily grind to make a good life for yourself. However, not every work environment is beneficial to you. You could be injured at work in an unsafe environment or slowly develop disease over time.  At Lein Law Offices, we work to help you overcome these hurdles.

How severe can work injuries or illness be, though? Work injury or illness severity can actually cover a wide range. Some people will get injured and only need weeks off in order to recover, though even missing weeks can be a hefty paycheck hit. Others may need months to recover, which can make a notable financial impact on a worker's life.

Legal Rights after School Injuries in Wisconsin

It's that time of year when we hear about students injured while participating in sporting events or other extracurricular activities.school-bus-1525654.jpg

In many cases, injuries occur while traveling to or from a school-sanctioned event or while otherwise participating in an organized activity. These cases are always best handled by an experienced personal injury law firm in Hayward or Winter.

Earlier this month, the USA Today reported a coach and a number of high school bowlers were injured after their bus crashed while returning to West Bend, Wisconsin from a competition in Campbellsport.

Just after Thanksgiving, ABC5 Eyewitness News reported a Girl Scout was released from the hospital after being critically injured in a traffic accident that killed three other scouts and a troop leader. The tragedy occurred when a pickup truck crashed into the group as they picked up trash on a county road. The 21-year-old driver faces four counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, as well as other charges. Authorities say he was huffing air duster before the crash.

Our injury lawyers in Winter and Hayward can best help you determine your rights after school injury or injury at an organized event. While schools and those engaged in organized sporting events often enjoy certain immunities from liability for resulting injuries, the laws are complex and such protections are far from absolute.

How can you keep yourself out of debt?

Across Wisconsin, residents just like you consider filing for bankruptcy every year. In these trying economic times, it's not difficult for people to get in over their heads, especially with medical debts being such an epidemic problem recently. After you get back on your feet, one of the things you will want to focus on during recovery is learning how to keep yourself from falling into debt again.

FindLaw has a number of tips that you can use to avoid falling into debt. A few of them involve reformatting your spending habits, such as paying with cash whenever you can or avoiding purchases that lean on things like "interest-free financing", which can simply delay debt.

Superior Refinery Explosion Caused by Crude Oil Distillation Process

An explosion last spring at the Husky Energy refinery in Superior, Wisconsin occurred in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit, federal investigators have determined.refinery.jpg

The determination confirms what we reported in May on our Wisconsin work injury blog after the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board reported the explosion occurred during a process that heats crude oil to extract gasoline and other petroleum byproducts.

State and federal investigators have yet to determine why the FCC unit failed. The explosion caused the evacuation of thousands of nearby residents. The mayor of Duluth called on the company to remove hydrogen flouride from the refining process, after safety advocates determined a release of hydrogen flouride during the explosion could have caused a mass casualty incident. Despite those risks, ABC 5 Eyewitness News reported the refinery has never been inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our workers' compensation lawyers in Hayward and Winter know oil workers face some of the highest injury risks.

Mexican hotel faces wrongful death suit by Wis. woman's family

Many college students from Wisconsin travel to warm-weather destinations during vacations from school, but such trips may sometimes prove dangerous. A 20-year-old woman died last year in a hotel swimming pool in Cancun, Mexico as a result of drowning after allegedly drinking tainted alcohol she obtained from a hotel bar. Claiming that the hotel knowingly served alcohol that was unsafe, her family has now filed a wrongful death suit against the hotel. 

According to the law firm representing the family, this was not an isolated incident. More than 100 travelers who have stayed at Mexican resorts similar to the one were the young woman drowned have reported similar experiences blacking out after drinking alcohol that was allegedly substandard or tainted, according to the lawsuit.

Wisconsin Winter Injury Risks Abound

The roads aren't the only places snow and ice make more dangerous as winter descends upon the Upper Midwest.snowshovel.jpg

We recently wrote about the risks of winter driving. However, in the coming months, snow and ice will create a number of injury risks, whether at home, school, work, or play.

Most injury "accidents," are not accidents in the strictest sense of the word. Failure to prepare, lack of safety education or equipment, failure to respect the risks, irresponsible behavior, or inadequate response are among the most common causes of winter-weather injury. Whether a damage claim can be made against another at-fault party will depend on the facts of an individual case. At-fault motorists, property owners, employers and city or government entities are among the most likely defendants when an action, reaction, or failure to take action results in personal injury or wrongful death.

Winter Car Accident Risks in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents are use to facing more risks than most when it comes to winter weather.winter-5.jpg

With average annual snowfall of more than 4 feet, Wisconsin is the nation's 12th snowiest. However, when measured by number of annual snow days (39), Wisconsin is the nation's 6th snowiest. Staying safe on the roads this winter begins with preparation. Have your car serviced and make sure your tires are up to the task of navigating wet and snowy roads.

University of Wisconsin-Madison reports more than 18,600 motor-vehicle crashes have occurred over the last 5 Wisconsin winters.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers a number of safety tips, as well as updated travel and road conditions at www.511.wi.gov.

What are some statistics of scaffold injuries?

Wisconsin construction workers like you often put yourself at risk just to do your job. Between the heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and high scaffolding, the potential for accidents could lurk around any corner.

According to FindLaw, up to 65 percent of all construction employees are estimated to work on scaffolding with relatively high frequency. Because of that, scaffolding is also where many accidents tend to occur. These accidents tend to result in rather severe injuries, depending on the height you fall from. The type of injury you receive can also be varied, and may include:

  • Concussions or head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

Safe Holiday Travel Tips for Wisconsin Motorists

All of us at Lein Law Offices wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a safe and enjoyable start to the holiday season.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports peak travel period will be between noon and 8 p.m. on Friday and Sunday following Thursday's Thanksgiving gatherings. Ideally, you should plan to travel outside peak times. Motorists should also be aware of ongoing road construction, as crews attempt to finish jobs before the arrival of winter weather.

You can check status of construction along your travel route by visiting the Department of Transportation's 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects.

Common Causes of Wisconsin Work Accidents

Being injured on the job can significantly impact your ability to work, earn a living, and enjoy life.hospitalbills.jpg

Each year Wisconsin processes about 22,000 workers' compensation claims, totaling more than $200 million, according to the state Department of Workforce Development. The average claim is about $10,000. A look at a year's worth of statistics illustrates the most common on-the-job accident risks in Wisconsin:

  • Burns or scalds: 334 cases
  • Caught in/between: 1,181 cases
  • Cut/puncture/scrape: 927 cases
  • Slip or fall: 5,381 cases
  • Motor Vehicle accident: 610 cases
  • Strains: 8,815 cases
  • Struck by: 2,367 cases

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