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What is the difference between medial and lateral epicondylitis?

Stress, strain and repetitive use injuries occur in many Wisconsin workplaces, from offices to construction sites and everywhere in between. Though they can affect just about any area of the body, many specifically affect the shoulder, wrist, hand and other parts of each upper extremity. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, medial epicondylitis is a condition that affects the elbow. It is similar to lateral epicondylitis. The main difference between the two is that they occur on different sides of the elbow. There are two bony prominences on either side of your elbow to which tendons from your forearm attach. When your arm hangs by your side with the palm turned out toward the front, one of these bony prominences is on the inside of your elbow, next to the rest of your body, and the other is on the outside of the elbow. Medial epicondylitis affects the inside of your elbow, while lateral epicondylitis affects the outside. 

Can a car crash paralyze you?

If you are a Wisconsin resident who fears that winter will never release its grip on our state this year, you are not alone. Unfortunately, your days of snow shoveling and driving on icy and snowy streets and roads do not appear to be over yet. This, in turn, puts you at even more risk than usual of becoming involved in a motor vehicle crash. Even more unfortunately, a car crash could easily paralyze you, confining you to a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

To understand the consequences of a spinal cord injury, you must first understand your spinal cord and spine. The Mayfield Clinic explains that your spinal cord is only 18 inches long and goes from your brainstem to your first lumbar vertebra. Then it branches out to your tailbone and from thence to your lap and feet. As for your spine, 33 vertebrae make it up. They reside in five distinct regions of your back as follows:

  1. Cervical region: 7 vertebrae between your brain's base and your neck's base
  2. Thoracic region: 12 vertebrae between your neck's base and right above your waist
  3. Lumbar region: 5 vertebrae between your waist and the lower end of your lumbar curve
  4. Sacral region: 5 vertebrae fused together in the lowest part of your back
  5. Coccyx region: 4 vertebrae fused together that make up your tailbone

Wisconsin Work Injury Claims Impacted by Recent Court Decisions

Recent Wisconsin court decisions have impacted victim recovery in cases of violence or while working for a temporary employer.gavel2.jpg

Violence in the workplace is a real concern. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports nearly 2 million workers report being victims of workplace violence each year. In some cases violence comes from a fellow employee. In other cases, it comes from dealing with a customer. And in still others, a shooting or other significant violence results in multiple injuries or fatalities.

Our Hayward injury lawyers know victims have significant rights in these situations. Some cases may result in a workers' compensation claim, while other cases may result in a personal injury or wrongful death claim for negligent security, premises liability, or negligent hiring and retention.

Lessons from Wisconsin Highway Pileup

A 131-vehicle pileup on Interstate 41 near Neenah is being called the worst in state history.

An Oshkosh man, who was a science teacher for the Iola-Scandinavia School District, was killed and more than 70 people were left injured in whiteout highway conditions on the highway, causing many hurt or panic-stricken motorists to call 911, Madison.com reportedhighway2.jpg.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office reports most of the vehicles were destroyed. Our Hayward car accident lawyers have posted recently about the perils of winter driving in Wisconsin. But such collisions at highway speeds can be particularly dangerous.

Flying snow and ice may be evidence of negligence

Roads throughout the country become hazardous during the winter months, and Wisconsin is no exception. Among the most common causes of winter injuries are slip-and-fall accidents and car wrecks on slippery roads. However, there is another source of winter weather injuries that is easily preventable and too often forgotten. Hardened snow and ice flying off moving vehicles are immensely dangerous. 

According to WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, failing to properly rid vehicles of snow and ice can result in direct damage to both person and property, as well as secondary accidents caused when drivers swerve to avoid the dangerous flying masses. On Feb. 11, 2019, a Wisconsin man was driving on a Dunn County highway when a large piece of dislodged ice and snow from another vehicle went through his windshield. The man sustained minor injuries, and his windshield was destroyed.

Chinese drywall illustrates problem of substandard materials

When you buy a home, you expect your investment to be sound. At the Lein Law Offices, we understand that the last thing Wisconsin homeowners want or expect when they buy a home is for their dream home to be defective. Unfortunately, this can be the case if builders cut corners or use substandard building materials - even if they were unaware that the materials they selected were inferior.

Over the past couple of years, homeowners along the East Coast have been experiencing unforeseen problems involving the drywall that comprises their homes. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, drywall from China was imported after the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons when the demand resulted in a shortage of domestic drywall. As you may have heard, thousands of homes that were built or renovated using Chinese drywall were affected, including some homes in Wisconsin.

Deadly Wisconsin Snowmobile Accidents Puts Focus on Safety

The death of a 37-year-old man in a Wisconsin snowmobile accident has authorities urging safety as the riding season begins. snowmobileinjury.jpg

The incident occurred in Schoepke, about 20 miles southeast of Rhinelander, after the rider missed a curve on a public trail and continued into the woods, where he struck a large rock and overturned. Authorities believe alcohol may have been a contributing factor, according to the State Journal.

Our Hayward injury lawyers note it was the third Wisconsin snowmobile death this riding season. Last year, the Wisconsin Division of Natural Resources reported 14 deaths, compared to 16 deaths during the 2016-2017 snowmobile season.

Safer Drivers in 2019 can Reduce Wisconsin Road Risks

A deadly start to the year has safety advocates urging caution as we head into the brunt of Wisconsin's winter driving season.

As we reported recently, Wisconsin winter risks require drivers to use extra caution on the roads. It's not just the winter weather - our car accident lawyers in Hayward know wet, slippery roads and reduced visibility increase the chances that other poor driving habits will result in a collisiondrunk-driving51.jpg.

Statewide, it appears our roads got a little safer in 2018.

Is it safe to take out a payday loan?

Wisconsin residents who need cash immediately or are recovering from a personal bankruptcy may worry that their borrowing options are limited. It can be tempting to listen to the promises made by payday lenders, which are often targeted toward those who just had a bankruptcy discharge or are struggling financially. You may benefit from understanding the potential dangers of payday lending.

As Money Crashers explains, payday loans can seem like a dream come true to those who need a fast, small loan. The ads promise quick cash with no credit check and an easy loan renewal when needed. If you have bad credit and just need a couple hundred dollars to get you through to your next paycheck, a payday loan can be too much to resist. After all, you would repay the loan in full by your next paycheck.

Can work injuries prevent you from working again?

Like thousands of other employees in Wisconsin, you are out facing the daily grind to make a good life for yourself. However, not every work environment is beneficial to you. You could be injured at work in an unsafe environment or slowly develop disease over time.  At Lein Law Offices, we work to help you overcome these hurdles.

How severe can work injuries or illness be, though? Work injury or illness severity can actually cover a wide range. Some people will get injured and only need weeks off in order to recover, though even missing weeks can be a hefty paycheck hit. Others may need months to recover, which can make a notable financial impact on a worker's life.

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