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The basics of title insurance

When people buy a home in Wisconsin, they may hear about something called title insurance. Many people may wonder what this is and if they need this insurance, especially if they are buying their first house.

Title insurance is intended to protect people from suffering a financial loss. According to Nerd Wallet, the history of a house is checked when someone starts the buying process. This search can identify any claims, such as a levy or lien, against the house. Most of the time, lenders purchase title insurance. However, homeowners can also get this coverage. This insurance may be useful if there is an inaccuracy in the home's history, such as an unknown heir.

Is there a bias against pedestrians?

In the city of Wisconsin, plenty of pedestrians just like you use crosswalks to get where they need to go. However, tragedy can strike at any moment when vehicles and pedestrians share road space. Even if you are paying full attention, you may end up facing injury and bias against pedestrians.

The Star Tribune posted an article zeroing in on the issues that pedestrians face when involved in pedestrian-vehicle accidents. Primarily, it's noted that many drivers who hit pedestrians do not face stiff charges. Even in cases that involve pedestrian death, some drivers have gotten off without so much as a traffic ticket.

Wisconsin Car Accident Victim's UIM Claim Revived

A Wisconsin car accident victim has another shot at pursing uninsured motorist coverage for injuries related to a 2010 crash, now that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled his filing was timely.accidentreport.jpg

The court reversed both the trial and appellate courts with its ruling in Shugarts v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company recently.

It was an important victory for those who recognize uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage is an essential avenue of compenation for crash victims. Although Wisconsin operates under a tort system, meaning the at-fault driver will be the one whose insurer is responsible to pay, UM/UIM benefits kick in when the negligent driver doesn't have insurance or lacks enough to fully cover those damages. Minimum bodily injury coverage benefits for auto insurance are $50,000 per person and $100,000 total. In a serious crash, our Hayward car accident attorneys know that's often not enough. However, just because you have a UM/UIM policy doesn't necessarily mean you'll receive coverage without a fight.

Wisconsin Work Injury Plaintiffs Face Uphill Battle on Appeals

Workers' compensation in Wisconsin is part of the "grand bargain" between workers and employers that promises no-fault benefits for work injuries in exchange for the forfeiture of employee litigation for a company's negligence. The rules of the system are outlined in Wis. Stat. 102.01 - 102.89.workers.jpg

Unfortunately, for roughly the last three decades, worker protections have been slowly chipped away by lawmakers state-by-state. A ProPublica investigation in 2015 discovered that just since 2003, 33 states had passed legislation cutting workers' compensation benefits or making it more difficult for injured workers to secure them - usually with false or misleading assertions that costs were out-of-control. The reality is employers are paying the lowest rates for this type of insurance since the mid-1970s. 

In Wisconsin, the news is slightly better, as benefits maringally increased with a moderate bump in wage replacement amounts. However, the Wisconsin Gazette reported not long ago that the Labor and Industry Review Commission, which handles workers' compensation appeals, is increasingly favoring employers since Gov. Scott Walker's appointees have been seated. 

Benefits and drawbacks of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Wisconsin residents who decide to file for bankruptcy can then start to examine the two most common options. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of them, and it can have both benefits and drawbacks depending on a person's situation.

FindLaw shares the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The biggest potential boon for many is the possibility of avoiding foreclosure through this filing. Not only will someone be able to legally halt the foreclosure proceedings where they stand, but they will also be able to open up the possibility of paying off delinquent mortgage payments over time. Even car loans and missed mortgage payments can be made up for. This is not the case with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which tends to be viewed as strict and somewhat unforgiving. Chapter 13 also allows a person to reschedule debt and follow their own payment plan that's best suited to them. Finally, it only shows on a person's credit report for 7 years compared to 10 years for Chapter 13.

What does worker's compensation cover?

As a Wisconsin employee, you work hard every day at your job. Unfortunately, any job comes with its risks, and workplace accidents can happen in any field. The Lein Law Offices are here to help you get through this difficult period after a workplace accident occurs.

First, you should know what's covered by worker's compensation. Many people think of medical bills first and foremost, which is an important part of the equation but not the entirety of it. You can also have a percentage of any lost wages returned to you as well. This is a huge deal for people who end up missing work because of their rehabilitation or recovery period, which can sink anyone's budget.

Intro to Social Security Disability

When you are injured in Wisconsin, you may worry that your family will have no income if you are unable to return to work. We at the Lein Law Offices know it is important for you to understand if you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

In order to receive disability benefits, you usually need to meet certain criteria. According to the Social Security Administration, having an injury is usually not enough to receive benefits. Instead, you typically need to meet the SSA's definition of disabled. This means that you might be unable to perform your job and will be disabled for one year or more. Additionally, the SSA uses a credit system to determine if you are eligible for benefits. The amount of money you make each year determines how many credits you receive. Most of the time, you need 40 credits to qualify for disability benefits.

Can posting on Facebook ruin my personal injury case?

If you are injured, naturally you would want to talk about the event with your family members and friends. Like most residents in Wisconsin and elsewhere, you might have Facebook and other social media accounts. It would only be natural to post about what happened on social media, right?

As you might suspect, it can be detrimental during a personal injury case to post too much about the accident on social media. As FindLaw explains, discussing the details of your case or oversharing online might violate confidentiality rules or give the opposing side ammunition to use against you.

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