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Wisconsin Manufacturing Work Injury Reduction Top Priority

Work injury attorneys in Hayward understand manufacturing industries are increasingly investing heavily in Wisconsin and other regions of the Midwest. This is particularly true in rural areas, with companies promising better pay, skilled labor opportunities, more updated facilities and incentives to keep graying workforces from retiring.machine1.jpg

Foxconn recently announced its plan to invest $10 billion in a "world class manufacturing campus" in Southeast Wisconsin within the next two years. In the meantime, some manufaturers like Wigwam Mills in Sheboygan are offering cash bonuses to workers who bring in new recruits who stay at least two months, while Minnesota manufacturers are busing in workers from Wisconsin to fill the rolls they can't on their own. 

One of the biggest impediments to the growth of these firms? A long-standing (and reasonable) concern that manufaturing jobs are dangerous. The National Safety Council and Travelers Insurance reports an estimated 100,000 workers in manufacturing becomes ill or is injured on-the-job each year, which works out to 4 in every 100 manufacturing workers.

Can children receive disability benefits?

When you have a child with a disability in Wisconsin, you may sometimes wonder how you will handle the expense of providing the care your child needs. Sometimes you may be able to get Supplemental Security Income for your child.

In order for your child to qualify for SSI, he or she typically needs to meet certain disability requirements. According to the Social Security Administration, your child usually needs to have a condition that limits his or her daily activities and ability to care for himself or herself. Additionally, sometimes your child must have been affected by this condition for at least one year. This condition can either be mental or physical or it may be a mixture of a few different disorders. 

What is a strain or sprain injury?

There are many kinds of injuries you might incur if you have an accident at work in Wisconsin. If you fall or lift heavy objects, you might find yourself with a strain or a sprain. These injuries are similar but there are a few key differences you should know about.

Strains and sprains are similar wounds that affect different parts of your body. The Mayo Clinic says that both injuries tear or stretch a part of your body beyond its normal extent. Strains typically impact your tendons and muscles. You might incur this injury in your legs and back, particularly if you do not practice correct lifting techniques at work. Sprains usually affect your ligaments. Many people sprain their ankle, but you might also hurt your wrist or knee.

Wisconsin Office Workers' Injury Case Illustrates Common Challenges

A Wisconsin appeals court may finally decide a workers' compensation case --nine years after a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee employee fell out of her office chair.

Unfortunately for the victim in this case, a prexisting degenerative condition may prohibit her from collecting additional workers' compensation or disability benefits.officechair.jpg

While office workers are statistically less likely to be injured than workers in high-risk industries, such as construction, such employees are actually at higher risk for repetitive stress injuries.

Falls are among the most common injury risks in all industries and can be quite serious, as this case illustrates. While our workers' compensation lawyers in Winter and Hayward would like to be able to tell you the protracted legal battle in this case was unusual, that is unfortunately not the case.

Most initial claims for workers' compensation are denied. And many claims involving soft-tissue or back injuries are fought vigorously by companies and their workers' compensation insurers because, by their very nature, such injuries can be difficult to prove, regardless of how debilitating.

This case illustrates why it's important to consult an experienced Wisconsin work injury attorney in the immediate aftermath of a serious injury at work. Building a solid case from the outset is the best defense against lengthy delays and unjust denials of benefit.

Back-to-School Accident Risks in Wisconsin

Back-to-School is a dangerous time for pedestrian and bicycle accidents as well as accidents involving school buses and teen drivers.

Even parents in pickup and dropoff lines pose serious collision risks. Our personal injury lawyers in Hayward and Winter encourage motorists to pay extra attention as students return to class throughout September.

Fighting back against the stigma of bankruptcy

At the Lein Law Offices, we know that Wisconsin residents often find themselves in dire financial situations from which they feel there is no escape. We also know that people can feel guilty or ashamed at the thought of resorting to bankruptcy to ease their financial burdens. If you are worried that you might be taking the easy way out by filing for bankruptcy, you might want to reconsider the outdated notion that personal bankruptcy is something to be ashamed of.

Despite the fact that more people today are filing for bankruptcy than in previous decades, there is still a stigma attached to this option, as Fox Business points out. You might have been told that filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will ruin your credit for life, or that you will never be able to get a loan for a home or car again. Your well-meaning loved ones may have informed you that you could be fired if your employer finds out you have a bankruptcy, or even that you are being irresponsible for not repaying your debts.

Workplace falls are a high risk in any industry

Most people may think about jobs with an obvious element of danger, such as the construction or roofing industries, when the subject of falls in the workplace comes up. While it is true that some industries have a higher incidence of falls than others, getting hurt from a fall on the job can happen in any setting. Wisconsin residents may protect themselves by considering the ways they might slip, trip or fall at their job.

Falls are one of the top causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and construction leads other industries in fall incidents. In 2016, 991 people across the United States were killed by workplace fall accidents, and 38.7 percent of these fatalities occurred in the construction industry.

What are the dangers of under or uninsured motorists?

As a motorist in Wisconsin, there are many potential dangers that you may face. The Lein Law Offices understand that crashes can happen without warning, and that they may happen to anyone. They're here to stand by you as you work your way through the aftermath.

One big issue when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve is the number of underinsured or uninsured motorists on the road. Of course, it's illegal to drive without insurance, but that doesn't mean it never happens. But what happens to you when you are hit by a driver who either has no insurance at all, or is underinsured?

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