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Is there a bias against pedestrians?

In the State of Wisconsin, plenty of pedestrians just like you use crosswalks to get where they need to go. However, tragedy can strike at any moment when vehicles and pedestrians share road space. Even if you are paying full attention, you may end up facing injury and bias against pedestrians. The Star Tribune posted […]
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Wisconsin Car Accident Victim’s UIM Claim Revived

A Wisconsin car accident victim has another shot at pursing uninsured motorist coverage for injuries related to a 2010 crash, now that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled his filing was timely. The court reversed both the trial and appellate courts with its ruling in Shugarts v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company recently. It was an […]
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Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation: Rights of Employees and Independent Contractors

Whether you are classified as an employee or an independent contractor matters when it comes to collecting damages in the aftermath of a Wisconsin work injury. Under Wisconsin law, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to recovery for physical and mental harm, accidental injury and occupational disease. This includes all doctor, hospital […]
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How can you escape from a road rage incident?

It would seem like road rage is an unfortunate sign of our times. Many Wisconsin residents are stressed out and in a hurry. When these factors are combined with impatient drivers, slow-moving traffic or just someone having a bad day, the results can turn deadly. Aggressive driving and road rage threaten the safety of drivers […]
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