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Chapter 128 Debt Relief For Wisconsin Residents

Are you looking for an alternative to bankruptcy and live in Wisconsin? That's Chapter 128.

In Wisconsin, people who are having a difficult time paying their bills can use a Chapter 128 to regain control over their bills. The skilled Hayward Chapter 128 bankruptcy lawyers at Lein Law Offices can talk to you about how this is done and if it is advisable given your specific circumstances.

Chapter 128 is a bankruptcy alternative. Not every person who is having financial problems needs to file bankruptcy. Chapter 128 may be the advisable option for you. To learn more, call our law firm at 715-634-4273.

How Does Chapter 128 Work?

Chapter 128 is debt consolidation. With help from our skilled attorneys, you can work out a monthly payment plan. The money can be used to pay off credit cards, medical bills, utility bills and other debts. The monthly payment can be deducted automatically out of your paycheck, or you can make the payment directly.

Chapter 128 can stop the same things and accomplish many of the same goals as Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can prevent wage garnishment, stop harassing phone calls from creditors and obtain a fresh start on your finances.

Is Chapter 128 The Same As A Debt Consolidation Company?

No. If you use a debt consolidation company, you will end up paying interest on your debt — you will pay more than you currently owe. Once you file a Chapter 128, you will not accrue interest. The actual amount of your debt that you pay in a Chapter 128 is less than what you would pay through a private debt consolidation company.

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