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Can work injuries prevent you from working again?

Work Injury

Like thousands of other employees in Wisconsin, you are out facing the daily grind to make a good life for yourself. However, not every work environment is beneficial to you. You could be injured at work in an unsafe environment or slowly develop disease over time.  At Lein Law Offices, we work to help you overcome these hurdles.

How severe can work injuries or illness be, though? Work injury or illness severity can actually cover a wide range. Some people will get injured and only need weeks off in order to recover, though even missing weeks can be a hefty paycheck hit. Others may need months to recover, which can make a notable financial impact on a worker’s life.

In extreme circumstances, you may even find yourself unable to work for years while you recover. You may not even be physically capable of returning to the line of work you once had. This is especially true for injuries that cause paralysis or other mobility issues. Life-long illnesses that have debilitating side-effects count as well, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which limits your ability to breathe.

If you have been injured or suffered from disease related to your occupation, it’s easy to see just how deeply it can impact you. You may want to seek the counsel of one of our legal professionals, either by taking a look at our linked webpage or by calling us directly. We can help get you the compensation for lost wages and medical treatment that you deserve.


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