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What are some statistics of scaffold injuries?

Wisconsin construction workers like you often put yourself at risk just to do your job. Between the heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and high scaffolding, the potential for accidents could lurk around any corner.

According to FindLaw, up to 65 percent of all construction employees are estimated to work on scaffolding with relatively high frequency. Because of that, scaffolding is also where many accidents tend to occur. These accidents tend to result in rather severe injuries, depending on the height you fall from. The type of injury you receive can also be varied, and may include:

  • Concussions or head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

In severe cases or with scaffolding that’s particularly high, death may even occur. This can happen in spite of a construction worker wearing all of the proper gear. However, many scaffolding-related incidents tie back to scaffolding that is not properly maintained or installed, or an inadequate use of safety equipment on the part of the employers. Inadequate safety training for proper use of a scaffolding can also contribute to accidents.

In addition to scaffolding being dangerous for the people working on it, they also pose a danger to those on the ground. For example, if scaffolding doesn’t have the proper amount of protective measures in place, items from above can easily fall off the sides and hit you while you walk below.

If you have been injured at your job and wish to seek compensation, consider contacting an attorney well-versed in workers’ compensation. They’ll know what you need to proceed forward in the pursuit of damages and can help you gain the compensation you deserve.


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