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Mexican hotel faces wrongful death suit by Wis. woman’s family

Many college students from Wisconsin travel to warm-weather destinations during vacations from school, but such trips may sometimes prove dangerous. A 20-year-old woman died last year in a hotel swimming pool in Cancun, Mexico as a result of drowning after allegedly drinking tainted alcohol she obtained from a hotel bar. Claiming that the hotel knowingly served alcohol that was unsafe, her family has now filed a wrongful death suit against the hotel.

According to the law firm representing the family, this was not an isolated incident. More than 100 travelers who have stayed at Mexican resorts similar to the one were the young woman drowned have reported similar experiences blacking out after drinking alcohol that was allegedly substandard or tainted, according to the lawsuit.

The woman died in January 2017 while on vacation in Mexico with her family. Both she and her brother reportedly obtained alcoholic beverages from the pool’s swim-up bar, and both suffered adverse effects after consuming them. Her brother experienced a reported “loss of self-control,” and onlookers discovered him flailing about in the shallow end of the pool. Though nearly drowning himself, her brother survived the incident, but the woman drowned as a result of passing out. Would-be rescuers found her facedown in the pool.

The attorneys representing the family referred to the death of their daughter as “frightening” and “a tragedy,” and parents across Wisconsin would likely agree with that assessment. Family members of those who suffered wrongful death due to someone else’s willful actions or accidental negligence may find it helpful to consult an attorney.


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