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Chinese drywall illustrates problem of substandard materials


When you buy a home, you expect your investment to be sound. At the Lein Law Offices, we understand that the last thing Wisconsin homeowners want or expect when they buy a home is for their dream home to be defective. Unfortunately, this can be the case if builders cut corners or use substandard building materials – even if they were unaware that the materials they selected were inferior.

Over the past couple of years, homeowners along the East Coast have been experiencing unforeseen problems involving the drywall that comprises their homes. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, drywall from China was imported after the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons when the demand resulted in a shortage of domestic drywall. As you may have heard, thousands of homes that were built or renovated using Chinese drywall were affected, including some homes in Wisconsin.

Reportedly, the substandard Chinese drywall contains a chemical that damages plumbing and electrical components when it leaches into the air. You may also find it concerning to learn that this chemical, hydrogen sulfide, can cause adverse health reactions, such as difficulty breathing, coughing and irritated eyes. Not surprisingly, those affected by Chinese drywall filed numerous insurance claims to repair their homes and protect their families.

The problem involving Chinese drywall is only one situation of many that can go wrong after you buy a home. The previous homeowner may have concealed a problem with the home or may not have known a problem existed, especially if the contractor failed to disclose using substandard materials or cost-cutting building measures. As our residential real estate page explains, you may need to seek legal action if you encounter problems during or after the home-buying process.


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