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Attorney Matthew Lein Shares Knowledge To Aid Victims Of Superior Oil Refinery Blast

When news of the Husky Energy oil refinery blast hit the airwaves on Thursday, April 26th, attorney Matt Lein’s thoughts immediately went to the workers and the people of Superior. As a native of northern Wisconsin with deep ties to communities throughout northern Wisconsin, Matt was concerned for his neighbors.

As an experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney at Lein Law Offices in Hayward, Matt understood the seriousness of the situation and the impact that these injuries could have on people’s lives.

Matt wanted to help. He knew the best way to support the workers was to reassure them that they were protected. Matt was quoted in a press release about people’s rights after the Superior explosion. He wanted workers who were injured in the explosion and fire to know that their medical expenses should be paid under their company’s workers’ compensation plan. He also cautioned people against settling quickly with an insurance company. Settling quickly usually is not in an injured person’s best interests.

Matt Lein’s hope? Making sure that people know the law is on their side and they have options. Injured workers should not worry about their medical costs as those should be paid as part of their employer’s workers’ compensation plan.

The value of an advocate after a work accident

Serious accidents in a workplace, like the explosion and fire that rocked the Husky Energy oil refinery send workers go into survival mode. It is only after the smoke clears that workers have time to think about important questions such as:

· What are my rights after a serious work accident?

· What do I need to do?

· Who is going to pay for my medical care, lost wages and rehabilitation?

· Should I settle? Am I being offered enough? How much is my workers’ compensation claim worth?

Injured workers who are traumatized from the accident, face a new set of worries as they contemplate the potentially long road to healing and recovery. Having a trusted advocate to provide guidance and help through the process can be vital. An attorney can advise workers of their rights and whether the insurance company is playing fair.


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