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Eau Claire Farm Accident Lawyer

Farming accidents are a devastating reality for many in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
From farm tractor accidents to grain bin entrapment, these tragedies can have tragic consequences. But what exactly is causing these disasters?

In this article, we’ll explore the causes of farm accidents in Eau Claire and how they affect the people living there.

We’ll also look at how inexperienced operators,  unfavorable weather conditions, hazardous industries and dangerous machines can contribute to farm accidents.

Eau Claire Farm Accident Lawyer

What is a Farm Accident?

Farm accidents are a common occurrence in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Farm injuries come in many forms and can include:

  • head injury,
  • broken bones,
  • lacerations,
  • and more.

It is also common that an individual who suffers from a serious injury resulting from agricultural equipment use may need to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the worst cases, they may require long-term medical care and ongoing rehabilitation.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, farm accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills or disability benefits through Social Security.

When a loved one dies in a farm fatality, you may be able to receive financial assistance through a wrongful death lawsuit or other avenues of compensation.

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How Can Farm Accidents Be Avoided?

The best way to prevent farm accidents is to practice safe farming techniques such as using proper safety equipment and avoiding dangerous activities while operating machinery.

Farmers should also stay informed about current laws regarding agricultural safety and report any unsafe practices they witness at other farms. With proper education and awareness of farm safety issues, Eau Claire’s community will be better prepared to address any potential dangers on its farms.

How Can Farm Accidents Be Avoided?

Farm safety is an important issue that requires attention and action from the Eau Claire community. By practicing safe farming techniques and staying informed, we can reduce the risk of devastating farm accidents in our area.

Types of Farm Accidents in Eau Claire

Some of the most common accidents to occur on farms in Eau Claire include:

Machinery accidents

This includes those involving tractors, combines, balers, and other farm machinery. These accidents can involve crashes, rollovers, and entanglement.

Animal-related accidents

Farm animals like horses, cattle, and pigs can cause injury to farmers or farm workers in a variety of ways, including trampling, kicking, or biting.


Falls from ladders, silos, or other high places can be dangerous on farms.

A second class of personal injury cases that are very common on farms involves falls from ladders and roofs. If there is no way to access your roof or work area safely, then an employer is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide fall protection for their workers. Farm workers who are injured when they fall from unsafe work areas can receive over $300,000 in compensation depending on the severity and extent of their injuries.


Farms have many electrical systems, and accidents can happen when electrical equipment is not installed or maintained correctly. Depending on the situation, equipment manufacturers can be held responsible for injuries.

Transportation accidents

Farm vehicles like trucks, trailers, and ATVs can be involved in accidents on roads, often leading to serious injury or a fatal farm accident.

Confined space accidents

Working in confined spaces like manure pits can pose risk for injury to workers at a farm residence if proper safety equipment and procedures are not used.

Chemical exposure

Pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals can be hazardous to farmers and farm workers.


Working outside in hot weather can cause an increase in risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Grain suffocation

Grain silos and bins can be hazardous when a person falls in or becomes trapped.


Farms often use gases like carbon monoxide or nitrogen, which can be deadly if not handled properly.

Causes of Farm Accidents in Eau Claire

Weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow can also increase the risk of an accident occurring due to slippery surfaces or reduced visibility. Inexperienced workers who are unfamiliar with safe farming practices can put themselves at greater risk of becoming injured on the job.

Farm accidents can occur in Eau Claire for a variety of reasons, including
weather-related hazards, safety precautions not being followed, not securing livestock, not marking hazards, improperly storing chemicals and equipment malfunctions.

Poorly maintained farming machinery can cause serious injury; for example, a tractor that has not been properly serviced may be more likely to flip or roll over when operated.

Inadequate protective gear such as helmets or gloves may lead to increased chances of head trauma or other types of injury if an accident does occur.

It is important for farmers to remain vigilant and always adhere to safety protocols in order to reduce the chances of being injured in an agricultural accident.

No matter what type of incident occurs, it is critical that first responders are called as soon as possible.

In addition to providing medical care, they can also provide valuable insight into how the accident occurred and any safety precautions that could be put in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.  

If you or a loved one has been injured in an agricultural accident due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Farm safety is an important issue that requires attention from the whole Eau Claire community. Following safe farming practices, using proper safety equipment, and keeping informed about agricultural safety regulations can help reduce the frequency of serious farm accidents in our area.

Farm Policies

Poor safety measures can lead to devastating consequences. Agricultural accidents,
if left unchecked, can result in serious injury or even death. It is essential that farmers take every precaution to avoid potential disasters and ensure the safety of their workers and themselves.

This includes ensuring that all equipment is properly serviced and maintained, providing proper protective gear at all times, adhering to weather-related protocols, and training inexperienced workers on safe farming practices. Faulty farm equipment and negligent behavior can lead to serious injury or death, so it is essential that equipment is regularly inspected and updated.

On a family farm, there are many potential accident scenes that can be avoided with proper care from the the farm owner.  Common injuries such as burn injuries or catastrophic accidents can occur when safety measures are not taken.

Often times adult family of an aging farmer help on a farm or immigrant workers risk their health in exchange for their livelihood and are not in a place of authority to replace an aging piece of farming equipment.  Using equipment for farming purposes is risky and the owner of the equipment is responsible to oversee maintenance and repair.

In the event of an accident occurring due to negligence or a lack of safety precautions, victims may require medical attention or compensation for their injuries and losses. Depending on the severity of the accident, farm accident victims may be entitled to compensation from their employers or from third parties involved in the incident.

Victims should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs in order to protect their legal rights and seek appropriate financial compensation for any damages incurred.

Inexperienced Operators

Any farming operation, regardless of size, must take special precautions when it comes to inexperienced operators. Inexperienced operators are at a greater risk of being involved in an agricultural accident than experienced workers due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of the machinery and processes associated with farm work.
To help prevent such accidents from occurring, employers should provide adequate training for any new hires before allowing them to operate equipment or handle animals.

In order to protect both inexperienced operators and those around them from harm, employers should regularly inspect all machinery and equipment used on the farm.
This includes ensuring that all safety features are functioning properly and that all parts are securely attached or fastened.

Farmers should develop a safety program that outlines policies and procedures for new operators to follow. The program should cover all aspects of farm safety, including how to operate machinery, how to handle chemicals, and how to respond to emergencies.

It is recommended for farmers to provide supervision to new operators until they have displayed adequate knowledge and competency regarding the farm operations.
Effective management and supervision are crucial in accident prevention.

A Dangerous Industry and Machine Safety

Agricultural industry accidents can be dangerous, especially when working with hazardous equipment and machines. Machines such as skid steers, balers, tractors,
and combines have the potential to cause serious injuries or death if not operated properly.

Many of these machines are designed for adult use only and should never be operated by children or inexperienced workers.

Dairy farmers and other livestock farmers must also take precautions when it comes to working with animals on the farm. The unpredictable nature of livestock can make them a hazard if not handled properly.

To reduce the chances of an accident occurring on the farm, employers should ensure that all employees receive adequate training before being allowed to operate any machinery or handle any animals.

Regular inspections should be conducted to make sure that all safety features are functioning properly and that all parts are securely attached or fastened.

By following these safety tips, the average worker on a farm can help keep their families safe while ensuring a successful farming operation for years to come.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Unfavorable weather conditions can be dangerous for farmers and those working in the agricultural industry. Heavy rains, strong winds, extreme heat or cold, and fog can all be detrimental to farm buildings and operations.

Extreme temperatures can create hazardous working conditions. In cold or wet weather, wearing proper clothing can help keep workers warm and dry. Farm workers should consider wearing insulated and waterproof boots, gloves, jackets, and hats.

Foggy conditions can decrease visibility which could put workers at risk of injury from machinery or vehicles.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Farm workers should drink plenty of fluids, especially when working outside in hot weather. They should drink water regularly to avoid dehydration.

Before heading out, workers should check the weather forecast. If adverse weather is predicted, they should plan their tasks accordingly or reschedule them to a safer date.

Bad weather can create new hazards on the entire farm, such as slippery surfaces or falling tree branches. Workers must remain attentive and alert to avoid accidents.

Farmers in Eau Claire and throughout Wisconsin can mitigate the hazards of adverse weather conditions by implementing measures to safeguard their workers and equipment.

Most Common Causes of Farm Accidents

The most common causes of these farm accidents include:

  • Working with heavy machinery
  • Using hazardous chemicals
  • Handling animals

Head injuries are especially concerning as they can lead to long-term disability or even death. Medical bills can quickly mount up due to the need for emergency medical care and follow-up treatment.

Many farmers lack access to quality health care which makes it difficult for them to afford proper medical treatment for their injuries. Social Security Disability benefits can help farmers with long-term disabilities pay for medical expenses but only if they have worked 5 out of 10 years prior to their accident.

Barbara Lee from the Eau Claire Farm Injury Coalition advises all farmers to take extra precautions when working on their farms by following safety protocols and wearing protective gear such as hard hats, steel-toed boots, gloves and other clothing depending on the task at hand.

By taking steps to reduce risks farmers take associated with farming,
the farming community in Eau Claire County will be able to protect themselves and their families from harm.

If an accident does occur on a farm, Lein Law has experienced farm injury attorneys available who understand Wisconsin’s complex laws surrounding agricultural accidents and can help victims recover lost wages, medical bills, and other damages related to their injuries. Contact Lein Law at (715) 638-1103 to get help today! 


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