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What does worker’s compensation cover?

As a Wisconsin employee, you work hard every day at your job. Unfortunately, any job comes with its risks, and workplace accidents can happen in any field. The Lein Law Offices are here to help you get through this difficult period after a workplace accident occurs.

First, you should know what’s covered by worker’s compensation. Many people think of medical bills first and foremost, which is an important part of the equation but not the entirety of it. You can also have a percentage of any lost wages returned to you as well. This is a huge deal for people who end up missing work because of their rehabilitation or recovery period, which can sink anyone’s budget.

The second thing to understand is that you don’t have to prove fault in order to get compensation. All you need to do is show that the injury was received during working hours at your job. Your employer should have worker’s compensation insurance for situations like this. You will still need to get in contact with an attorney as quickly after the incident as possible, however. The earlier you contact someone, the higher your chances to gain proper compensation will be.

If you have experienced any sort of injury while on the job, especially one that inhibits your ability to continue working or involves costly rehabilitation, you might want to check out the link. Our web page on worker’s compensation could help you figure out how to get the financial compensation that you deserve for your troubles.


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