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| Apr 27, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

When a Husky Energy oil refinery tank in Superior, Wisconsin erupted in flames on April 26, 2018 after several rapid explosions, a roiling black cloud was seen drifting over the surrounding area. There were concerns whether or not the facilities hydrogen fluoride tanks would be breached. Thankfully they maintained their integrity and only one tank of asphalt was pierced which was the source of the pitch dark, noxious cloud spreading over the facility and surrounding area.

The police ordered an evacuation that ran 12 miles north-south and six miles wide. Eleven victims were injured. There were no deaths and all employees and contractors were accounted for. The refinery processes heavy crude from the Canadian tar sands and lighter North Dakota Bakken crude into fuel and asphalt. The facility is linked into the Magellan pipeline system, running through the central U.S. down to the Gulf Coast. The potential consequences of the explosion and fire, in retrospect, is frightening.

If you were an employee injured in this explosion, you need to know that by law, the insurance company or oil refinery or “must” pay all pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and other medical costs. In Wisconsin, it is mandatory for employer’s to have worker’s compensation, and it does not matter who is at fault for the injuries, worker’s compensation must cover injured workers. You have the right to see your own physician.

Non-employees may also have rights to assert too. The law is on your side. It’s important that if you have a claim you do “not” settle for less than you may be awarded in court. My office can help you file a personal injury claim in this matter. We do not get paid unless we win your case.

Common blast injuries include:

· Crush injuries

· Asthma/COPD exacerbations due to toxic fumes/smoke

· Angina

· Traumatic amputations

· Ruptured eyes

· Damaged lungs

· Perforation of gallbladder, intestines

· Traumatic brain injury

· Fractures

· Burns of varying degrees

· Penetrating shrapnel injuries from flying debris

· Smoke inhalation

· Chemical burns

· Ruptured ear drums

Many blast victims may be approached by insurance companies asking them to settle early and quickly. Do not sign or agree to anything until you speak to an experienced attorney, or you risk having your claim diminished or denied. Lein Law Offices has significant experience in handling worker’s compensation cases and in dealing with insurance companies.

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