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A car accident happens in an instant and can change your life. Even a minor motor vehicle accident can leave you without transportation, in pain and affected by financial costs or lost wages. At Lein Law Offices, we offer strategic, results-driven advocacy to protect the rights of our clients who have been involved in an auto accident.

Our Hayward, Wisconsin, car accident attorneys will advocate for your rights and interests and work to efficiently and effectively resolve your case. With over 25 years of personal injury experience, they know how to secure compensation for the injuries and other damages you've suffered. Contact Lein Law Offices for an immediate free consultation or case evaluation.

Time Is of the Essence in Car Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to act quickly to preserve all necessary evidence for your claim. Our car accident attorneys will contact all witnesses, collect police reports and medical records, and begin building a case on your behalf. We will work with investigators, medical doctors, chiropractors, vocational experts, economists and other experts who can assist in providing evidence for your case.

It is important that you do not provide information or settle with an insurance company before contacting an attorney. You risk waiving your rights and claims.

At Lein Law Offices, we are experienced in handling car accidents as well as various other kinds of motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Truck accidents: semi-trucks, delivery trucks, high-speed trucking accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boating, ATV accidents, snowmobile accidents
  • SUV accidents and rollovers

Our personal injury attorneys also handle cases involving:

Local Lawyers Focused on Your Specific Needs

We focus on addressing your immediate and future needs. You may need to get your car replaced as soon as possible or need immediate financial assistance. We can work with insurance adjusters to get your transportation and financial security restored as soon as possible.

Contact Lein Law Offices to schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer. We are local personal injury attorneys serving the needs of local clients from our conveniently located offices in Hayward and Winter, Wisconsin.

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