Bankruptcy Checklist

If available, bring the following information:
Real Estate:

A. Copy of Recorded Mortgage (page one only)
(Can be obtained from the Register of Deeds
Office in your county)

B. Most Recent Property Tax Statement
C. Appraisal
D. Name of Lending Institution
E. Account Number
F. How much still owed on Mortgage

Annuities/401K Plans:

A. Recent statement showing current balance


A. Title to all vehicles
B. Name and Address of Lending Institution
C. Account Number
D. How much owed on vehicle(s)

Student Loans:

A. Statement showing how much owed


A. Copies of the last two years income tax returns


A. Bring in all statements/collection letters
B. Credit Report

Monthly Income:

A. Bring in current pay statements (past six months)
for all Parties working

B. Pension/Retirement Statements
C. Social Security Statement

Self-Employed Business:

A. Taxpayer ID Number
B. Profit and Loss Statement from Previous year's
Earnings or Breakdown of Income and Expenses

Bring in any and all paperwork pertaining to court cases
Documentation regarding transfer of property
Statement regarding cash surrender value of insurance policy
Statement to show child support arrearages