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A drunk driving arrest or a DUI/OWI charge can result in serious penalties upon conviction, including loss of license, significant fines and jail time. Even a first-time offense can have serious repercussions.

If you have been pulled over or arrested for drunk driving, it is important you have an attorney at your side as soon as possible to protect your rights. Before making a statement to the police, call Lein Law Offices. Since 1983, our criminal defense attorneys have helped protect the rights of individuals charged with drunk driving. Our goal is to minimize any charges or penalties associated with a conviction.

We offer strategic and aggressive defense in DUI/OWI cases to protect your rights and minimize charges and penalties. Contact our DWI lawyer online for an immediate consultation.

We Investigate The Entire Case Against You

When seeking a drunk driving conviction, the prosecution must prove that the police officers had probable cause to make a traffic stop. Our attorneys will investigate the stop in your case and challenge any evidence obtained unlawfully. We will also review police records and the facts of your case to determine whether the Intoxilyzer (the Breathalyzer machine) was working properly, whether the officers followed proper procedure and whether the evidence supports a conviction.

Experienced Hayward Alcohol Offense Attorneys

Our DWI/OWI defense attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Underage drinking
  • Multiple offenses and repeat offender OWI/DUI
  • Drunk boating accidents
  • Drug crimes
  • Assault or disorderly conduct
  • Domestic violence

You do not have to plead guilty to a DWI/OWI charge; let us assert your rights in court.

Tourist Arrested on Vacation? Contact Our Rice Lake OWI Defense Attorney

Hayward, Wisconsin, is a known tourist area, making tourists susceptible to arrest for DWI while on vacation. DWI charges can be a serious matter. You need local assistance to mount a defense to the charges. Lein Law Offices has the local knowledge to help you protect your rights.

If your charge for OWI is a first offense, we can plead not guilty and usually handle the case without having you make a court appearance. We may be able to get your charges dropped entirely.

Contact OWI law firm Lein Law Offices to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Hayward, Wisconsin, lawyer. We are local attorneys serving the needs of our local clients for over 25 years.

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